Train Terraces

Train Terraces: Overview

Reorganizing and revitalizing Long Island around new patterns of living and travel

Train Terraces: Design Proposal

Shaping downtown Westbury’s future around the train: a closer look at the Train Terraces design

Train Terraces: Architect Q&A

Q&A with LTL Architects about the Train Terraces design

Train Terraces: Video

Attracting young urbanites to suburbia: David J. Lewis and Marc Tsurumaki present the Train Terraces design

Paying for Parking Garages

Why it pays to build structured parking: Q&A with parking consultant Gerard Giosa about financing parking garages

ParkingPLUS Economic Benefits

How structured parking could generate tax revenue, create jobs, and draw new investment to Long Island’s downtowns

Project Credits

LTL Architects
Paul Lewis
Marc Tsurumaki
David J. Lewis
Vibha Agarwala
Keith Greenwald
SangWook Lee
Clark Manning
Kevin Hayes