Parks and Rides

Parks & Rides: Overview

From parking lot to super-scaled, all-season recreational park: inserting a slice of city energy into the suburbs

Parks & Rides: Design Proposal

Reimagining a parking lot the size of the Empire State Building laid on its side: a closer look at the Parks & Rides design

Parks & Rides: Architect Q&A

Q&A with Roger Sherman, Kati Rubinyi, and Greg Lindsay about the Parks & Rides design

Parks & Rides: Video

From train station to destination: Roger Sherman and Greg Lindsay present the Parks & Rides design

Paying for Parking Garages

Why it pays to build structured parking: Q&A with parking consultant Gerard Giosa about financing parking garages

ParkingPLUS Economic Benefits

How structured parking could generate tax revenue, create jobs, and draw new investment to Long Island’s downtowns

Project Credits

Roger Sherman Architecture + Urban Design
Roger Sherman, Project Team Leader
Team: Hector Campagna, Mo Harmon, Quyen Luong, Alex Maymind, Harut Nazaryan, and Jeff Rauch
MR+E, Market Analysis
Greg Lindsay, TOD Programming
Kati Rubinyi, Mobility Consulting
Nicholas Lowie, Graphic Design/Layout
Colleen Corcoran, Graphic Design /Website