More Ideas for Rethinking Parking Design

Innovative Parking Garages

Enlightenment About Parking

Where’s the parking? Parking that’s part of something much, much bigger (Q&A with architect Darius Sollohub)

A Gallery of Garages

In Miami Beach, parking structures fuse flamboyance and function

Willoughby Square

Recreation and greenery above—invisible, automated parking below

Better Parking Garages

Parking garages that inspire love, not loathing—plus a parking lot that generates renewable energy

That's a Garage?

Artists and sculptors turn parking garages into works of art

Green-walled Garages

Green walls bring parking structures to life

Exploring Parking's Potential

When parking is more than parked cars

Parking as Sculpture

Miami’s latest addition to parking evokes sculptural forms

Automated Parking's Potential

Automated parking used to be more prevalent in the US and is slowly making a comeback

Car in 2035

Driverless cars and the future of driving in the ‘burbs; an interview with Kati Rubinyi

Zipcar Dispenser

A giant PEZ dispenser that doles out cars instead of candy

Downtown Parking Management

Backing Into Parking Changes

A parking arrangement that grows the parking supply, reduces crash rates, increases cycling, and is safer for children

EcoParq Ends Parking Chaos

How Mexico City’s residents became enthusiastic about parking meters –yes, parking meters

Flexible Downtown Curb Space

On-street parking one moment, sidewalk cafe tables the next

Land for Living not Parking

Options to share parking spaces and create more living spaces

Parking Reform in Salem

New downtown parking system is a win-win for residents, visitors, commuters, and businesses

Pricing What Was "Free"

Why changing from free to paid parking is good for local businesses and residents

Stroll Through Santa Barbara

Visitors and locals leave cars behind in downtown Santa Barbara

Green Surface Parking

Denmark: Green Cities & Parking

Danish students park in the green

Dia:Beacon Parking

At Dia:Beacon Museum, the parking lot is the lobby

Bluewater Park Parking Orchard

Boating lake, chalk cliffs, and parking lot orchards make this shopping mall anything but ordinary

Columbus Carscape Competition

Parking lot as civic square: a parking lot during the week, but a marketplace on weekends

Rio de Los Angeles Parking

A parking lot that works for the environment

Wild Center Parking

Bringing nature to the parking lot

ReThinking a Lot

Can parking lots be beautiful and sustainable? Transforming America’s 800 million parking spaces

New Uses for Surface Parking

Belmar in Lakewood

This used to be a shopping mall?

Better Blocks in the ’Burbs

Building sand castles on Main Street—and better blocks, too

Columbia Pike

On main street in the D.C. suburbs, dilapidated grocery store and parking lot are reinvented as mixed-use building

Parking Lots as Markets

A parking garage where designers shop

Strip Mall Save Suburbia?

Strip mall architecture re-imagined as a mixed-use building type that can be built on parking lots in commercial areas

Living Market

Retrofitting Long Island downtowns to support social diversity: working and living in the downtown marketplace

Parking Space or Park?

On PARK(ing) Day, parks and people come first

South Miami Hometown

South Miami residents get their Main Street back

Take Two for Big Boxes

Vacant big box stores get a new lease on life: from abandoned Wal-Mart to library, empty mall to school

Sundquist Pavilion and Riley Park

In a suburb where cars rule, town green and farmers market replace strip mall parking lot

Asphalt, Be Gone!

Replacing parking lots with parks—and building community

Developments with Parking Structures

Texas Donut—Stale No More

Walkable apartments with a neighborhood vibe: meet the fresh new flavor of the “Texas Donut”

Benedict Commons

Affordable in-town housing for local workers in Colorado’s Hamptons

Crossings at Gresham Station

Amsterdam—or the Portland suburbs? Apartments by light rail have long waiting list

Del Mar Station

Old train depot restored; new houses and shops built around trolley station

Fair Oaks Court

Affordable housing wins accolades, weaves neighborhood back together

Granada Court

Reminiscent of Mediterranean village, new housing enhances downtown theater district

Mission Meridian Village

South Pasadena development capitalizes on new transit access

Princeton Public Library

In the Jersey suburbs, a library located in the heart of downtown is one of the State’s busiest

Sierra Bonita Housing

Green and gorgeous in West Hollywood

Silver Gardens Apartments

New apartments achieve goal of Albuquerque’s business community—and give a home to low-income residents

The Willits

Empty nesters, retirees, and young entrepreneurs buy downtown condos; one resident traded in his ranch house

Trolley Square

Affordable housing right outside Boston – just a bike ride away

Vista del Arroyo Bungalows

Piece of history, once neglected, is now revived and transformed

Station Center Family Housing

Good for the environment, good for the community, and gorgeous too