Main Street Brackets: Shared Parking in Patchogue Patchogue, NY


Night view of Main Street Brackets, a proposal for a network of pedestrian pathways, automated signage, a new garage, and landscape improvements to make it easier to find available parking in downtown Patchogue. Image courtesy of dub Studios

Concept diagram of components in the shared parking system. Downtown Patchogue’s public parking is located in the middle of blocks, where the spaces are not immediately visible. Automated signs direct motorists to lots with available parking. Image courtesy of dub Studios

View of the pedestrian pathway in a “Bracket,” enhanced to connect lots to each other and to Main Street. Image courtesy of dub Studios

Diagram of the automated signage system proposed for Main Street Brackets. Image courtesy of dub Studios

View of Terry Street looking east. Adjacent property owners and tenants could contribute to the character of each lot and pathway. In this example, Artspace, an artist residence and gallery, might extend their art displays to the Bracket. Image courtesy of dub Studios

Improving the efficiency of existing municipal parking lots reduces the need for building additional parking, saving millions of dollars. Image courtesy of dub Studios

Main Street Brackets translates into savings for Patchogue residents and visitors, who would spend less time circling for spaces and thereby conserve gas (and money). Image courtesy of dub Studios

The new mid-block parking structure—with an animated graphic screen and a central aisle of open green space—connects to pedestrian pathways. The structure can be used to host large public events, expanding the activities of Main Street. Image courtesy of dub Studios


A village downtown is at risk of becoming a victim of its own success in attracting new businesses, arts venues, and apartments. Can innovative design add to the parking stock while helping residents and visitors make more efficient use of existing parking lots?

 To make better use of the parking Patchogue already has, dub Studios designed a parking deck as part of a shared parking system called “Brackets.” Brackets comprises a new mid-block parking deck, designed to be airy, open, and easy to access, as well as a wayfinding system of automated signs that directs drivers to lots with free spaces. The network of pedestrian pathways, signage, and landscape improvements would make it easier to find available parking, and more pleasurable to walk through the lots and alleys that link parking lots to Main Street.

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