Green Roof, Hilltop Hanover Farm Yorktown Heights, NY


The farm shed / chicken coop has a green roof that was planted by volunteers. The roof is planted with sedum, chives, and Eastern Prickly Pear, a low-growing perennial cactus native to eastern North America. Image courtesy of MotherPlants

Farm shed with green roof, Hilltop Hanover Farm. Image courtesy of MotherPlants

Green roof, Hilltop Hanover Farm. Image courtesy of MotherPlants

Green roofs—roofs that are partially or fully covered with plants—moderate building temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce stormwater runoff, filter carbon dioxide and air pollutants, provide wildlife habitat, and even increase real estate values. Some green roofs can accommodate foot traffic, functioning as rooftop gardens for building occupants. Image courtesy of MotherPlants


Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center is a farm and environmental educational center in Yorktown Heights, Westchester County, NY run by the County, in partnership with several other organizations. Originally a dairy farm dating to the 1600s, the farm is now a regional education center where visitors can learn techniques for small-scale suburban farming—in other words, how to plant a backyard garden. There are also classes and demonstration models to teach local residents how to harvest rainwater, conserve energy, compost household scraps, and even keep bees. The majority of the produce harvested at the farm is distributed to local food pantries, with the rest available for picking by the public or for purchase at a farmstand.