Destination suburbs: The new choice for aging Millennials


Heightened focus has been trained on an increasing trend in which aging and child rearing Millennials have opted to leave their urban nests for the space and opportunity of the suburbs.

In a revealing piece for the Re Journals, Steve Shepherd documents the changes taking place across suburban America to accommodate and react to this influx of reticent suburban dwellers.

“Can the suburbs serve as an enticing option for a generation that wants it all and is used to having it all?  Not surprising to the people who study population migration patterns, the answer is “yes.”

Serving the needs of both millennials and boomers, the suburbs are embracing the integration of the types of amenities that draw people to urban centers.  Attractive mixed-use developments are surfacing in many suburban communities with the profile of centralized walkable hubs that offer ease of accessibility, community gathering space, entertainment, shopping and dining.

In the Twin Cities, suburban locations like West End, France Avenue, Ridgedale, Wayzata and Golden Valley are well positioned to offer this desirable mix of walkable amenities to both millennials and employers seeing to hire millennials.

It’s not only investors, developers and urban planners who are hip to this trend, office owners alike are figuring out how to reposition aging stock with creative, open, collaborative space to fulfill the “work” needs commanded by today’s transitioning workforce.  Savvy office owners know that to keep pace with modern demands and remain viable, they must differentiate themselves to attract businesses focused on recruiting and retaining talent.”

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